The enX Spring Classic MTB

Event Date: 8 September 2018 Entries Close: 28 August 2018 at 23:00
Venue: Biogen Sports Park (Avianto) Province: Gauteng
Distance: 45km(R250), 25km (R200), 10km(R120), 5/2.5km kiddies (Free) Starting Time:  From 07:30
Timed By: RaceTec More Info:
Number Collection:
Biogen Sports Park (Avianto)
Saturday 8 September 2018, from 06:00-08:00
  • Additional Information:
    This event is now timed by RaceTec using the new permanent MTB Board! You will therefore need to buy you board with your entry. Your first board will only cost R25, replacement boards will cost R50. If you already have a board you can just bring it to the race.

MTB (8 September 2018):
45km(R250), 25km (R200), 10km(R120), 5/2.5km kiddies (Free)

Trail Run (9 September 2018):
24km (R200), 12km (R160), 6km (R120)

More details about the trail run, click here

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